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Honoro Vera Garnacha

2021 / 750 ml.

Item #: 46925

Spain | Calatayud


Primary Grape: Grenache

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90-point rated Spanish wines: $8.99 | WineMadeEasy.com

If you haven't tried Honora Vera wines, now is a great time. Produced in Spain by the esteemed Bodegas Juan Gil, these wines are loved by critics and at this price, they're a steal! What's more both wines pair perfectly with ANYTHING from the grill.

Some background on the grapes, if you're unfamiliar:

Monastrell in Spain is called Mourvèdre in France and sometimes Mataro in Australia and California. It's produces a purple-black fruited wine with good body and intensity, somewhat akin to Cabernet or Merlot.

Garnacha a.k.a. Grenache produces a lively fruit-driven wine with a lot of ripe berry flavors, like a plump Pinot Noir.